Bethany Beach

Jumping into the Atlantic

Jumping into the Atlantic

Back from Bethany Beach , DE, home of giant snow cones (shaved ice), softshell crab sandwiches, and boardwalk fries with Old Bay seasoning and apple vinegar spritzed on like a fine perfume…a perfume you eventually nom on!

My fiance, Jamie, and I went on a much needed vacation to her friend’s parents’ beach house for the weekend. I turned off my phone and cranked up the iPod during the trip because who wants to be bothered when you’re off the clock. Not me. Shit like that has to wait until I have a tie around my neck; and for the past couple of days I wasn’t even wearing a shirt. So what do you think that meant? Exactly. You’re so smart!

With Barry gone (that’s my Blackberry’s name) and the whole weekend to ourselves we had a great time.

I plan on reminiscing more and filling you guys in (up) with all of the places we went to satisfy our Mad Hunger, but for now I’ll get ready for bed and the workweek ahead. But I will leave you with a review of Holly’s Restaurant and Motel, which can be found on Route 50 right after crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Damn they had some good pancakes!

To my review on Yelp…

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