Various Free Toppings at Candy Kitchen

We’re back to talking about Bethany Beach yall. Back where the sun is shining, and everyone’s skin is showing. Sitting here at my cluttered desk putting off sleep before another 8 hours of work, I wish that I was there soaking up the sand and the salt, but for now let us reminisce .

Stay for the Sundae

Stay for the Sundae

The Candy Kitchen is famous up and down Route 1, from Ocean City to Bethany Beach, for it’s fudge, salt water taffy, and other things that can be considered a vice to all things fat-assery. But fudge the fudge for right now and tough to the taffy. What I’m focused on is their kick-ass sundae with unlimited free toppings.

I’ve had some great sundaes, but this one takes the cake (not to be confused with ice cream). With its wide assortment of FREE toppings I can’t help but still be pressed over this treat.

Cut the lights. Focus the spotlight on the bowl in my hand. Cue the music and the deep voice:

  1. Cookies and cream ice cream
  2. Melted marshmallow
  3. Hot fudge
  4. Sprinkles
  5. Peanuts
  6. Shaved coconut
  7. A strawberry

I’m going to stop this post right now because it sounds too naughty. Heaven forbid my fiance find out. Oh wait, she was there too…I’m a bad boy!

Click here for my review on Yelp


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