It’s spelled like it sounds. BGR. Burgr. No, Burger! Mmm, burger.

If there’s one thing I go gaga for it’s a burger. As open I am to foods from other countries like Thailand, Korea, Germany, Spain, Ethiopia, etc, I can’t help but notice that I’m an American boy at stomach (heart). I’ll take a juicy, fresh from the grill, well-seasoned, round piece of meat between two sexy buns any day of the week.

The Greek

The Greek

This edition of Mad Hungry is about BGR, or The Burger Joint located in Bethesda, MD. It’s located a little bit a ways from the main center of Bethesda where you can find the Apple Store. When you walk in you’re automatically hit by a grungy, 80’s vibe that screams MTV in it’s heyday. The entire menu is on a chalkboard and their clientele is filled with locals that know their way around a great piece of meat.

They make your burger to order and even give you one of those cheesy, flashy square devices that light up and vibrate when your order’s ready. Call me snobby , but do they really need something like this to class up what doesn’t need to have class? This place could be a hole-in-the-wall if it wanted to be. But anyway, because they make the burger to order you really get food that’s fresh and dripping with whatever it was cooked in just seconds before it winds up in your hands.

Beer on tap? No problem! Root Beer? Oh Yeah! Try a float while you’re at it. Nick nacks? You betcha! They’ve got awesome fries and fried asparagus among other things that you wouldn’t expect to wind up at the bottom of a deep-fryer.

So far I’ve only had the original burger and “The Greek”, a lamb burger with tzatziki and feta that was featured on Food Network’s “Throwdown with Bobby Flay”; and won. No matter what you end up devouring, make sure it has applewood bacon, because there’s nothing like adding smoked pig to grilled cow to make your tongue sing. When you can still taste the burger 5 minutes after it’s already down your throat, you know you got what you paid for.

Excuse me while I stare up at the thought bubble I just made in my head and grasp at it in the hopes of making another BGR burger mine.


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