CDC Claims Gamers Are 35, Overweight, and Sad

An article that was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine and was made reference to on Wired’s website states that “Videogame players reported lower health status, a higher frequency of poor-mental-health days, and higher BMI [than non-videogame players].” The CDC reports that because (based on this article) health consequences are evident and because video games are ubiquitous, the concern over the negative health implications video games have on teens into adulthood may be justified.


Don't Believe Everything You Read (Except This of Course You Smartass!)

I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to categorize this in the Mad Bullshit section of Mad Hungry because I refuse to believe that a study completed online by less than 1000 individuals from one part of the country has such broad implications.

Think I’m being too forward? The first sentence in the damn study says that the results can’t be trusted, “Although considerable research suggests that health-risk factors vary as a function of videogame playing among young people, direct evidence of such linkages among adults is lacking.” Basically, unless you can actually prove causality, you’re full of it (really directed at Wired for blowing it up).

Why is Wired even posting this if the study is “lacking”? I love me some Wired but come on now!

Bottom line, all this article does is promote the gamer stereotype. Even yours truly has been known to get down to Rock Band and save the universe from the Flood on multiple occasions, but I’m also in a healthy relationship, not overweight, and have a job. Now if I can move out of my parents’ basement I’ll be all set 😛


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