DC’s Hole in the Wall Burrito Joint Tastes Like the Food’s Been Down There For a While

To be honest, the food isn’t that bad when it hits the taste buds. It’s when it hits the stomach that this food blogger can’t bare to have another bite.


Crammed into the side of an office building in DuPont Circle, the same building that houses the  Melting Pot and I Ricci, is where you’ll find The Well Dressed Burrito.  And while I like the idea of a DC diamond in the rough, not only do you have to wait between the hours of 11:45 and 2:15 to grab a bite and brave oncoming traffic like a business-casual Frogger, the food’s not even worth it.

I’ve visited this place, first for their signature “well dressed burrito” and then again for their “dos tacos”. Both times I entered with optimism, and both times I ended up feeling queasy and disappointed. Why did I go back? Well, it’s because I hate shunning anything without having a second go-around. In this case however, I should’ve trusted my gut the first time.

Hole in the walls usually have a nice allure. They’re secretive and special, like a leprechaun with a pot of gold. However, because of the Mexican maelstrom waged in my stomach, I hope that The Well Dressed Burrito stays a DC secret lest more war is waged upon hopeful yet ignorant stomachs.

Know any good DC hole in the walls? Leave a comment or hit me up on the Tweet Machine.


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