Social Networking Site Brazen Careerist: Professional and Laid-Back Like an Office Party

So I decided to try my hand at Brazen Careerist in order to share my thoughts with like-minded others and to hopefully open up new opportunities  in my desired field. What field is that you ask? Well, that’s becoming a Social Networking Community Organizer for a food-oriented site; minus the crazy hours unbecoming of a soon-to-be-married man. We’ll see how that works out.

Be Yourself At Your Own Risk

Be Yourself At Your Own Risk

What drew me to Brazen Careerist is its mix of professionalism and laid-backism. I think it’s akin to an office party where everyone still understands the pecking order of the jungle, but can still tell a funny joke or two without being considered out-of-line. Of course there are ways that the office party can get out of hand, but I’m going to try to keep a leash on things so that I don’t turn out to be the freakshow with the tie rapped around his head spouting quotes from The Office.

Will I curse any less on this blog because it’ll be seen on Brazen Careerist? Fuck no. Am I aware that potential employers will see it? Yes. The whole point of this site is to make the individual look more human to the eyes of the powers that be. Do I think it will work? The long answer is that there may be a reason why sites that promote your resume and sites that promote your beer of choice are separated. Employers stick to what you have the ability to produce and that’s it. But perhaps the genius behind Brazen Careerist is that users such as myself can provide much more than what we may produce in the future based on what we have produced in the past. What we can provide is an insight into our thougts and aspirations so that employers can see what we’re capable of and where we plan to go without relying on job descriptions that are set in stone. We are all dynamic individuals with the potential to be much more than a single pdf or word document.

The short answer? I hope so.



  1. Thanks for this post! I love the analogy of Brazen Careerist being laid back like an office party. That really is what we were going for when we created the site. I think the workplace is slowly moving towards more of a blended environment where people can just be themselves while at work. Hopefully Brazen Careerist can give everyone that extra push to make their workplace fun, and show employers all sides of their personality. Thanks again, and if you ever have any questions about the site don’t hesitate to Email me or send me a PM on Brazen!


    Ryan Healy

    • I hope so too Ryan. I think that Brazen Careerist is something special and will be the next big thing people start talking about, especially since the economy has crapped all over Gen Y. All it’ll take is a few companies mentioning to the news media where they discovered their new employees and BAM! You’ll be all set 🙂

  2. You know what, that’s actualy a really good idea! I bet its already happened, we just need to talk with the companies and get them to vouch for us. Thanks!

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