The Korean Embassy’s KORUS House

Being Mad Hungry isn’t just about food. It’s about culture as well. From September 21st until December 7th, I’ll be enrolled in the Beginner Korean language and culture course at the KORUS House (short for Korea and US) in the Korean Embassy located in DuPont Circle.

Apparently, the KORUS House does this every Spring, Summer, and Fall. It costs $230 for tuition, which comes out to about $19 per week. Not bad really. The textbook isn’t included, but it’s $30 just in case you were wondering.

So watch out for the KORUS courses after the holidays because they’ll be sure to be offered again in the Spring of 2010.


Besides actually meeting the people, I always say that the best way to learn about any culture is to eat the food and to learn the language. I’ve already met my wonderful fiance, and through her I’ve grown to love Kimchi and Soon Doo Boo (my favorite). Now all that’s left is learning the language outside of the few Korean words I hear from her on a regular basis. I’m sure “바보” and “똥” mean “I love you” and “kisses”. Or should I not say that on my first day of class? No one likes a suck up anyway.

There are evening classes so there’s still time for work, which is great, and it doesn’t conflict with my class schedule.

There will definitely be more posts on my attempts to learn Korean in future posts.  Until classes begin, I’ll settle for learning Korean through Busy Atom’s YouTube videos downloaded to my Ipod.

Web 2.0-tastic!

My fiance’s dreams of turning our kids against me in a language I don’t understand are slowly melting away.


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