Hack to the Hills. Hack For Your Life!

Being a technological determinist isn’t easy. I get called things like “cyber-crony” and a “slave to the machine”! Well, not really, but I know you’re thinking it! When I really stop to ponder my viewpoint , my technological bias on the evolution of society is quite surprising considering my favorite movie is The Matrix. But hey, “Fate it seems isn’t without a sense of irony”. Right Morepheus? This is because I’m also of the belief that man has the uncanny ability to make technology into what he wants without having to stand in long lines at the Apple store like another drone waiting for the new iWhatever (for the record I like iStuff, but you can’t help but realize that it’s cultish).

For those who either disagree with the technological deterministic mindset, or for those who simply want to get their gadgets house-broken I recommend Lifehacker, a place for DIY enthusiasts and control freaks to share and indulge the many ways you can make technology work for you.  Sure, it may be ironic to refer to a website in order to rage against the machine (also one of my favorite bands, oddly enough), but that’s just the point. You can’t fight the system by becoming a hermit. You have to use it and understand it so that you can change it (kind of like running for office).

Maybe this is a new type of technological determinism. Progressive Technological Determinism or Ne0-Technological Determinism if you will. Who knows? Taking Marshal McCluhan literally may not be feasible in this day and age where the masses own the means of production across media to a much greater degree than they did 40 years ago due to the Internet, cheap broadband, and cheap hardware. Lifehacker is proof of the power of man and his need to tweak, innovate, and improve.

So get started and take control of your technology. Or else it just might pee all over your desk. Bad technology! Bad!

Try these hacks on for size:

Insert Commas into Saved Contacts to Force Extension-Friendly Pauses
Insync Keeps Your Files and Google Docs Synced and Backed Up



  1. Entertaining post, but I may beg to differ that “McLuhanism” is more feasible today than 40 years ago…how about that global village? 🙂 Btw, nice call on The Matrix quote.

  2. I totally agree with you on the global village. We’re more village people than we were at any time in history (we even have ridiculous outfits and catchy music too) . I just don’t think we can count out human agency to the same degree as McLuhan.

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