Grabbing The Turkey By The Leg

Grabbing The Turkey By The Leg

I work, I study, I love, and I sleep, and when I’m not doing that, I’m mad hungry… like all the freakin’ time! My name is Andrew Lander and I’m a graduate student in my hometown of Washington DC. While studying social media trends and being a Web 2.0 nerd I decided to try my hand at food blogging and participating in the social media phenomenon known as Yelp as an Intern in 2008. Unfortunately I quit that job in favor of more money working at a non-profit, and while I love the new dough, I found myself missing the life of a semi-snobbish foody. But now, after almost a year, I’ve realized that traveling, eating, and writing about it is a passion that will never go away.

Mad Hungry is about the places that I go to satisfy my hunger. Whether that means food, drinks, Web 2.0 trends, or simply relaxation, it’s totally up to me (or the things that drive me to pound a pint of Guinness while checking into my favorite watering hole via Foursquare). I’m hungry dammit! And the world needs to know about the best and the worst places I end up in because both misery and happiness love company. So please join me on weekly escapades and daily Tweets as I get Mad Hungry all over the world.


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