DC’s Hole in the Wall Burrito Joint Tastes Like the Food’s Been Down There For a While

To be honest, the food isn’t that bad when it hits the taste buds. It’s when it hits the stomach that this food blogger can’t bare to have another bite.


Crammed into the side of an office building in DuPont Circle, the same building that houses the  Melting Pot and I Ricci, is where you’ll find The Well Dressed Burrito.  And while I like the idea of a DC diamond in the rough, not only do you have to wait between the hours of 11:45 and 2:15 to grab a bite and brave oncoming traffic like a business-casual Frogger, the food’s not even worth it.

I’ve visited this place, first for their signature “well dressed burrito” and then again for their “dos tacos”. Both times I entered with optimism, and both times I ended up feeling queasy and disappointed. Why did I go back? Well, it’s because I hate shunning anything without having a second go-around. In this case however, I should’ve trusted my gut the first time.

Hole in the walls usually have a nice allure. They’re secretive and special, like a leprechaun with a pot of gold. However, because of the Mexican maelstrom waged in my stomach, I hope that The Well Dressed Burrito stays a DC secret lest more war is waged upon hopeful yet ignorant stomachs.

Know any good DC hole in the walls? Leave a comment or hit me up on the Tweet Machine.


Hawaiian Shaved Ice

I’m going to take a step back in time because I wish I was back at the beach right now. The end of a Thursday workday isn’t satisfying enough. Sure, Friday is tomorrow but I want the beach dammit!

Bethany Beach has many things about it that make it special. It’s family-friendly, they have a farmer’s market on Sundays where they sell “lopes” and cave-aged cheddar cheese, and you can get Hawaiian shaved ice.

Hawaiian. Shaved. Ice. You can take each of those words individually and feel good about them. Even Shaved! Just imagine kissing your smooth significant other (for the women), or feeling the cool tingle of aftershave on your face after a morning shave (for the men).

Put it all together and it’s a freakin tasty treat. It’s located on the main boardwalk next to a store and a place that sells wraps. If you were on your way to the ocean via Campbell Pl you’d want to keep going out towards the ocean and then make a left as soon as you get on the boardwalk.

shaved ice


The same people who work the place that sells wraps also work the shaved ice stand. They have so many flavors to choose from and the portions are so big you can’t help but think, “Wow, I’m really getting some real bang for my buck!”. The large one had to have been about $3.50 or $4.

Lets go down of the list of flavors I can recall:



Blue Raspberry



Grape (or was it Purple?)

Do you remember any more flavors I can’t seem to recall? Have any flavors you’d want to see in your shaved ice? Or perhaps you want your tongue to act a certain way after you finish it. I dunno. I’m asking you! Make Mad Hungry less boring with some Mad Suggestions.


It’s spelled like it sounds. BGR. Burgr. No, Burger! Mmm, burger.

If there’s one thing I go gaga for it’s a burger. As open I am to foods from other countries like Thailand, Korea, Germany, Spain, Ethiopia, etc, I can’t help but notice that I’m an American boy at stomach (heart). I’ll take a juicy, fresh from the grill, well-seasoned, round piece of meat between two sexy buns any day of the week.

The Greek

The Greek

This edition of Mad Hungry is about BGR, or The Burger Joint located in Bethesda, MD. It’s located a little bit a ways from the main center of Bethesda where you can find the Apple Store. When you walk in you’re automatically hit by a grungy, 80’s vibe that screams MTV in it’s heyday. The entire menu is on a chalkboard and their clientele is filled with locals that know their way around a great piece of meat.

They make your burger to order and even give you one of those cheesy, flashy square devices that light up and vibrate when your order’s ready. Call me snobby , but do they really need something like this to class up what doesn’t need to have class? This place could be a hole-in-the-wall if it wanted to be. But anyway, because they make the burger to order you really get food that’s fresh and dripping with whatever it was cooked in just seconds before it winds up in your hands.

Beer on tap? No problem! Root Beer? Oh Yeah! Try a float while you’re at it. Nick nacks? You betcha! They’ve got awesome fries and fried asparagus among other things that you wouldn’t expect to wind up at the bottom of a deep-fryer.

So far I’ve only had the original burger and “The Greek”, a lamb burger with tzatziki and feta that was featured on Food Network’s “Throwdown with Bobby Flay”; and won. No matter what you end up devouring, make sure it has applewood bacon, because there’s nothing like adding smoked pig to grilled cow to make your tongue sing. When you can still taste the burger 5 minutes after it’s already down your throat, you know you got what you paid for.

Excuse me while I stare up at the thought bubble I just made in my head and grasp at it in the hopes of making another BGR burger mine.

Various Free Toppings at Candy Kitchen

We’re back to talking about Bethany Beach yall. Back where the sun is shining, and everyone’s skin is showing. Sitting here at my cluttered desk putting off sleep before another 8 hours of work, I wish that I was there soaking up the sand and the salt, but for now let us reminisce .

Stay for the Sundae

Stay for the Sundae

The Candy Kitchen is famous up and down Route 1, from Ocean City to Bethany Beach, for it’s fudge, salt water taffy, and other things that can be considered a vice to all things fat-assery. But fudge the fudge for right now and tough to the taffy. What I’m focused on is their kick-ass sundae with unlimited free toppings.

I’ve had some great sundaes, but this one takes the cake (not to be confused with ice cream). With its wide assortment of FREE toppings I can’t help but still be pressed over this treat.

Cut the lights. Focus the spotlight on the bowl in my hand. Cue the music and the deep voice:

  1. Cookies and cream ice cream
  2. Melted marshmallow
  3. Hot fudge
  4. Sprinkles
  5. Peanuts
  6. Shaved coconut
  7. A strawberry

I’m going to stop this post right now because it sounds too naughty. Heaven forbid my fiance find out. Oh wait, she was there too…I’m a bad boy!

Click here for my review on Yelp

It’s Been a While

Chinese Food Coma

Chinese Food Coma

I haven’t been on Yelp in a long time. I think it’s because working for them took the fun out of random food blogging. I mixed work with pleasure and I paid the price. However, when I think about it now, I suppose it wasn’t so bad mixing the two rivals. I think the main issue was that I wasn’t making any money. I sure as hell know what it’s like to get paid for just doing work and nothing else, but if I ever get a chacne to get paid for doing something I love I won’t pass up on combining pain and pleasure. Oops, I meant work and pleasure.

This whole food bloggy thingy is an attempt to get me back into the groove (both emotionally and academically). I’ll have to thank my future Georgetown professor Garrison LeMasters for getting me out of my funk. I spoke with him about my passion for writing about food and how I want to focus on all things Web 2.0. So here I am nerding it up here on Mad Hungry and taking my ass back to Yelp to write tongue-in-cheekedly about places like Charlie Chiangs, a local Chinese food place that cured me of my Mad Hunger. Enjoy:

“It sure wasn’t the best Chinese place I’ve ordered from but the standard General Tso’s chicken didn’t disappoint…” Read More

Foggy Bottom Peaches

I didn’t have too much to eat today, but I did happen to stumble upon the Foggy Bottom FRESHFARM Market that runs every Thursday from 2:30-7 April 1 -November 25, 2009. My fiance and I grabbed some fresh beef, salmon, talapia, and mushroom empanadas from Chris’ Marketplace, which weren’t as good as Julia’s Empanadas but hit the spot none the less. Along with that, we bought some really tasty bread from Bonaparte Breads.

But the star of the show were the peaches we got from the largest of the vendors who name I can’t remember for the life of me. They were somw of the best peaches I’ve had in a while. Juicy, sweet, ripe peaches where the light orange nectar oozes down to your elbow, but you don’t care because you’re in heaven.  That’s what I’m talking about! The next time we go there, I’m stocking up on fruit (and I’ll make sure to note who they are).

This brings to mind something I’ve been thinking about. If peaches are so juicy, why is it that you don’t see anybody selling peach juice? It’s way juicier than an apple (and tastier too). It’s an injustice, and I could go for some right now.

Until next time. Peace (Peach)

After Work Five Guys Hot Dog

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. I went to Courthouse in VA with my fiance and her co-worker to check out his new place. Turns out he left his keys back at work though, so instead of going to his new apartment we stopped at Five Guys to grab some local, Obama-loving greezy foood.five guys hot dog

Of course we had the peanuts, but instead of getting a burger I decided to grab a hot dog. Yeah, that’s right! It was time to be a rebel and eat a hot dog at a burger place (my life is so exciting isn’t it). So I went for the dog and put bacon, cheese (it looked like cheese wiz), onions, mustard, and ketchup on it. I freakin’ loved it. Especially since they cut the hotdog in half to make in lay flat on the bun (never seen that before).

I can’t believe it took me this long to discover Five Guys (really just last year). But when I need some greasy food, this is the place I’ll be from now on.

Now I just need to make sure I throw in some extra crunches and push ups tonight.

Got any favorite combos from Five Guys? Or maybe you hate these kinds of hot dogs and prefer Chicago style red hots? Whatever you’re Mad Hungry for, please feel free to comment. Don’t hold the mustard!

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